Message from the President

To Create Products that Can Truly Contribute to Medicine. This is the Pride of NEITZ.

PresidentSince our foundation in 1965 and over a span of approximately 50 years, NEITZ has been providing a unique value through the development of products that have been specialized for ophthalmology. In response to the expectations of various medicine-related professionals, we have continued to fine-tune our products within this time span, and our products are currently preferred in Japan and in over 70 countries.

It is said that we humans obtain much information through our eyes. But even more than text and images, it is no exaggeration to say that even the smiles and future hopes of our families are brought to us through our eyes. This is what makes the quality of eyes and our vision so important. However, with the advent of an aging society, our modern society is experiencing sharp increases in cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes and other conditions that relate to the eye. Faced with the ever-increasing progression of age, maintaining the quality of life (QOL) for the elderly has become a social issue. Needless to say, it is critical to raise awareness of eye health examinations and early diagnosis and treatment by a doctor.

Until now, NEITZ has been providing various products that respond to the needs of ophthalmology, with a focus on ophthalmoscopes for diagnosis and eye treatment. In the future, we desire to further push the limits of technology that we have developed in ophthalmology in order to become a company that contributes to society through innovation in various diagnostic fields besides ophthalmology. We at NEITZ will continue to listen to the voices of those in medical settings in order to respond to future social issues and worldwide needs. We will also pursue unique technology that demonstrates top-level performance for medical doctors and continue the creation of renewed value encompassed in the words “MADE IN JAPAN” and “MADE BY NEITZ.”

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