Handy Flicker HF-II

Handy Flicker HF-II

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  • Specialized machine used to measure the center flicker fusion value.
  • Capable of conducting screening tests for optic nerve disease, retinal disease, and eyestrain using targets available in three different colors.
  • All operations can easily be performed with one hand.
  • The frequency (Hz) can be changed upwards and downwards with the up or down button. (Changes occur continuously in 1 Hz steps).
  • For the retina, there is a mark that keeps a distance of 25 cm between the target and the eyes so that a 2° light stimuli is always emitted.
  • Inspection paper that is useful for inspection management is included as standard.


  • Frequency: 1 Hz – 79 Hz (1Hz step)
  • Setting of Frequency: Push button system, Forward continuous / Backward continuous
  • Accuracy of Frequency: Value +/- 0.01%
  • Pulse Duty Ratio: 50% Rectangular Wave
  • Double Flash: Executable
  • Stability of Flicker Brightness: Less than 10% (Voltage 7V to 9V) Warning Light System (Voltage less than 7V)
  • Dimension: 57mm x 58mm x 170mm
  • Weight: 240g

Flicker Generator:

  • LED (RGY): Dominant Wavelength Red (R): 660nm, Green (G): 555nm, Yellow (Y): 570nm
  • Size of LED: D8.7mm
  • Dimension: 70mm x 76mm x 37mm
  • Weight: 145g


  • HF-II Main Body

Flicker Generator:

  • AC Adaptor
  • Alkali Battery (9V)
  • Check Sheet

Power Supply

  • AC Adapter or
  • Alkali Battery (9V)