Anomaloscope OT-II

Anomaloscope OT-II

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  • Used to determine the type and degree of color perception in a color perception examination.
  • The abnormal quotient is digitally displayed with a single touch.
  • Both LEDs and interference filters are used for producing the color-mixture field (red and green) and monochromatic field (yellow). The wavelengths of the three colors, therefore, do not fluctuate even when moving the adjustment knob.
  • Due to the use of an LED light source, there is no increase in temperature.
  • Increases the reliability of color-mixture and monochromatic control due to the electric control of LED brightness without a complicated slit mechanism.
  • Color-mixture and monochromatic values are shown on the easy-to-read digital display, resulting in reduced reading errors.
  • *The Anomaloscope is a precision optical device. Errors in the measurement results may occur due the natural degradation of the optical system. Whether used or not, inspection and calibration are recommended once a year.


  • Power Source: AC120V/230V 50/60 Hz, 2VA
  • Dimension: 371mm x 125mm x 323mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg


  • Anomaloscope OT-II Main Body
  • Spare Fuse (0.5A)
  • Check Sheet
  • OT Inspection method Manual
  • Dust Cover
  • Spare Bulb L-50

Power Supply

  • Outlet