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Most Accurate Diagnosis

Corrective lens powers range from −36D to +35D in 1D steps. The diopter of the corrective lens is directly indicated even when using auxiliary lenses. The diopter display is illuminated, allowing for clear reading even in a dark room. Furthermore, with the endless rotation of the corrective lens disc, it is possible to smoothly make a wide variety of changes to the correction diopter.

Clear Visual Field with the Special Disc

The special disc comprises a small aperture for macular observation, a slit for viewing projections and depressions on the ocular fundus, and a concentric scale and red-free filters for enhancing the contrast of blood vessels.

Optimal Balance to Avoid Corneal Reflex

To minimize corneal reflex, polarizing filters are inserted both in the illumination and observation system. By rotating the polarizing filter in the observation system, the angle at which both polarization axes intersect can be changed, allowing optimal observation in which the brightness has been balanced between corneal reflex and the ocular fundus image.

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