Britescope BS-ⅢLED

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  • Allows for over 1h* of continuous illumination with 5 minute of charging and over 40h* with 3h of charging.
  • Cordless, eliminating the hassle of dealing with a cord.
  • Able to switch between five types of filters.
  • The life time of the LED is at least 50,000h, eliminating the hassle of replacing light bulbs.
  • For those already owning the Halogen bulb type BS-III, it is possible to upgrade to LED specifications by replacing the handle.

*At intermediate illumination intensity


  • Illumination Field: D15mm~60mm (at the distance of 500mm from the prism)
  • Light source: 3W LED
  • Power consumption: DC3.5V 0.5W
  • Consecutive lighting: approx. 40 hours (at the middle intensity) and 20 hours (at the max.)
  • Filter: UV, Red, Red-Free, Cobalt Blue, 1/2ND
  • Dimension: 52mm (D) x 300mm (H)
  • Weight: 310g


  • Britescope BS-III LED

Power Supply