NEITZ Direct Ophthalmoscopes Neitz provides High Quality Ophthalmic Instruments

Superior Operability and Brightness Shaped by the Opinions of Ophthalmologists

For the NEITZ monocular indirect ophthalmoscope, we understood the needs of medical settings on the basis of trust cultivated over many years with ophthalmologists. We incorporated much of the collected information and ideas wherever possible in order to pursue a product that is “sturdy, bright, and easy to use.” This technology was refined with the consideration of our important patients and doctors in order to create a product that lives up to the ultimate sentiment carried in the words “MADE IN JAPAN.”

Ocular Fundus Observation with a Sharp and Clear Spotlight

Using our independent optical design technology, we have achieved a field of illumination that is clear and without unevenness. This light creates a sharp outline that enables the discernment of ocular fundus images with certainty.

LED Technology Focusing on Quality for Patients

LEDs have a long service life and low-power characteristics. NEITZ noted these characteristics from the start and has thoroughly persisted with development prioritizing on creating eye-friendly products. We have upgraded our series of indirect ophthalmoscopes to LED by adopting the use of LEDs whose light region has been reduced to 400 nm or less, which is similar to the color produced by a light bulb. This has allowed us to produce ophthalmoscopes that are friendly to patients, doctors, and the environment.

Monocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes